Thursday, October 18, 2007

A new Salty Dog!

While Brooklyn’s first visit to the beach didn’t include retrieving in the surf, it did include a great time for both her and owner Melissa. Melissa grew up spending the summers at New Silver Beach in Cape Cod. “It made me happy to bring her here and see her have such a great time. She kept bringing me seashells and seaweed. She was nervous of the ocean and the waves freaked her out! She’d see a shell or rock she wanted and go to get it just as a wave was coming back in. She would jump back, bark then take off running at the water’s edge. We look forward to taking her again,” says Melissa.


Simba said...

oh the joys of the first beach visit. I miss the warm weather already!



We love the beach and also miss the warm beach weather too!

Gus said...

Way too cool !!! Every dog needs to experience a shore line someplace, warm or cold, the exercise still feels so good !!!

Gus and Louie

Neva said...

Aren't retrievers supposed to like water?? yeah I thought so too until I took Clancy and he looked at it like it was a snake...we had to push him in and then he realized he could swim and has loved ever since!!