Wednesday, October 31, 2007

ABC Wednesday!! O is for ?

Sunrise shows the beauty of the sea ____.

Early morning is the best time before the
______ of people.

Dogs and the ____ go together like collar and leash. ____ are good that Mackenzie uses this fire hyrdrant more often than he used to!

While this ____ dog might have a harder time catching the ball, he still wants to play.

The great ____ offers peace and beauty every day.

Ever _____ this Jack Russell has spotted some gulls to stalk

______ with sand crabs, this Lab is busy spending his time searching for the rascals.


kml said...

Obsessed, observant, and my favorite of places, the Ocean!

RUTH said...

overland, onslaught, owners, ours,obstinate, ocean, observant, obsessed? Great photos :o)

Neva said...

Oceanview, outporuing, ocean, ?, older, outdorrs, opitmistic, obsessed...Couldn't fiugre out the one by the fire hydrant!!

Digital Flower Pictures said...

Great collection of photos.

Have a great week!

Mike said...

The sunrise pictures are gorgeous. It would be lovely to take a walk along the beach early in the morning.

Jean M Fogle said...


Peter M said...

Great pics and amuzing photos of the dogs