Friday, January 18, 2008

A Stick, Add a Dog, Have Fun!

This is Kona, Kona is patiently waiting for her human to give the big stick a toss.

Finally a thrown stick to fetch

Heaven is the beach and a stick to many dogs. You don't need expensive toys, just a stick found washed up along the beach


caine dean said...

You've been through the training classes. You've read the books. You've spent hundreds on toys and treats every year. When you go on vacation, your dog stays at places ritzier than your own hotel. But every time something seems to be missing -- the training fails after a few weeks, the books are too boring to absorb, and the toys and kennel stays are sending your credit card balances through the roof. To find out more for your lovely dog :

Neva said...

Not to mention that those toys are chewed to bits and the stick lasts a bit longer! Cute photo. I wonder how Clancy and Simon would do at the beach?? Might have to fine out!