Friday, November 9, 2007

Pic of last weeks signing!

Courtnei at the Barking Blog posted this nice article about my Salty Dogs signing last week in Winchester VA. You can even see the pic she posted of the event. Notice the rather hangdog look of Molly's? She hates the sound of the fake shutter in digital cameras, one high pitched beep , she drops her tail, more than one she starts with the shake and quake. A few more and she starts to head for the door. If you ever find it hard to get pics of your dog, you might try disabling the shutter sound!


Courtnei said...

I love the book and thanks again! The review will be up today!

Leslie Shelor said...

I lost count of the breeds I saw at the beach today! This is a great idea and looks like a wonderful book!

Patience-please said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, Jean! I'm honored! I am going to go read about your latest signing. I'm sure your book is doing GREAT! It is so delightful.
all the best-