Monday, November 26, 2007

Beaches of Scotland! Guest Blogger

Meet Cath and Minnie!
While on a seaside holiday fate had it that Cath met Minnie. "I was staying at the Coldingham Youth Hostel overlooking Coldingham Beach when I met Minnie 36 hours after she was born, "says Cath. The first two pictures are of Minnie enjoying Coldingham Beach on the east coast of Scotland!
The next picture was taken at Pease Bay Beach ,on the road to Edinburgh.
The next picture was taken at my other fav beach in the world-Belhaven-near Dunbar- about another 30 miles north of Coldingham- also 35 miles due east from Edinburgh.We holiday here a lot. I love taking Minnie to the beach because she loves to run after her ball, swim, dig in the wet sand, and I can let her off lead safely.I love the sea- I met Minnie during a seaside holiday, so the beach holds many wonderful memories for me.

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Angelicghost said...

Lovely pictures of beautiful beaches and a happy fun loving dog..fantastic